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Sach Viet is a new, innovative and exclusive e-commerce platform that provides exclusive, quality Vietnamese books and other goods from Asia and distributes them via Sach Viet website. Goods are stored in the Sach Viet, Houston storage facility and shipped across the United States using 2-3 days shipping methods with partnered distributors such as USPS, FedEx and UPS.

Sach Viet is a truly unique platform in the market, adhering to popular trends in the industry and offering high quality, valued goods for customers throughout the United States. Combining these added value characteristics with world-class customer service, Sach Viet will create many meaningful pathways to monetization in the market and encourage rapid scale and growth for our sellers.

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Sach Viet’s Journey

End of 2016
Austin Nguyen, while working as an IT/Marketing contractor for T4 Spa Concepts & Designs in Sugar Land, TX, needed some reference books from Vietnam. He asked his mom and dad to send him some. Friends came by and saw the books. The story started here.
September 2017
With the number of people keeps asking for new Vietnamese books keep growing, Austin opened Sach Viet Facebook page for people to order products so he didn't have to give his personal number out. In his period of time he has attracted a number of customers that later become some very first employees such as Hung Ho, Van Anh Tran, Phuc Ly.
November 2018
Start running website. First version was built by IT Green based on a local site that Austin made. This time the business has gotten a bit bigger as Austin sees some customers from out of state! Also some long-term customers has been identified as Linh Lam (Lâm Khánh Linh) and Vicky Thảo Nguyễn.
November 1, 2019
The company was officially formed on November 1, 2019. A plan to have the second version of Sách Việt built was proposed by an Indian company iMark Infotech Pvt. Ltd. Austin also got a job offer at Zachry Industrial as a Senior IT Administrator.
September 2020
The new site was rolled out around September 2020 but it was not too effective. Austin decided to build the whole new platform himself so he can have knowledge on how to fix it. COVID-19 still here!
March 2021
The launch of the new platform!
Version 4: in March
Version 5: In September


We work with various publishers, e-commerce platforms, and sellers in Vietnam

Meet Austin

Dating, Person, Human, Glass, Wine Glass, Beverage, Wine, Alcohol, Drink

Austin Phuoc Nguyen


Austin was born in a small family in Vietnam. He loves computer since he was twelve years old and realized the important of technology, which is why he wants to make technology the backbone of the Sach Viet business marketplace with rare, good quality products.

Austin’s journey first began when he first told his parents (who lives in Vietnam) to send him a couple of books dating back to the end of 2016. He then had friends asking if he can get them more books, and the business grew from there. In September 2017 he opened Sach Viet Facebook page for people to order products, and in November 2018 he start running The company was officially formed on November 1, 2019 and since then Austin has experience running this company for four years and knows how to run a successful business model.

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